Next generation apiary monitoring and control system that uses low energy radio emission (safe for bees) to provide beekeepers with information about status of their hives

GPS alarm & monitoring system for hives

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How does the Sensor work?

ControlBee detects tremors and vibrations, and in the case of detecting suspicious activity it turns on the GPS tracker. The app saves and displays the route of the hive.

The ControlBee batteries work up to 12 months. They are resistant to heat and cold. Therefore, there is no risk that your beehive’s protection will suddenly fail and you are going to stress your bees with frequent exchanges, as is the case with Chinese trackers. ;)

How long does the battery work?

The beehive’s location can be pinpointed up to a few meters. But perhaps you won’t have to search for it at all – the alarm is going to be activated by just moving the hive, which will allow you to act immediately. 

How accurate is the ControlBee GPS?

How is the alarm turned on?

The ControlBee GPS is first and foremost a sabotage sensor which detects tremors and vibrations. We recommend that our clients install it in such a way so that it is difficult to spot, for example on the bottom of the beehive or in one of the frames. The unaware thief will try to take out the frames or tilt and lift the entire beehive. That will be enough for the application to inform you about the event.

That’s not all – the ControlBee sensor remains active and checks whether your beehive is relocated. In such a situation, you will receive following notifications. The ControlBee app will show you the beehive’s current location on a map, as well the route it has moved through.

Can the bees be harmed by the transmitter, or the transmitted waves?

With our product there is no such problem! When awaiting an event the transmitter has its radio systems turned off, and does not transmit electromagnetic waves. The only operating function is the vibration sensor which will turn on the entire system if someone starts to tamper with your beehive. Only then are other systems turned on, and may emit radio waves. Although, you need to know that even then the emitted waves are accordant with norms and meet the requirements of appropriate certificates (CE and FCC).

Won’t the alarm turn on when I open the beehive?

No worries. We’ve included a “disarmament” option in our application. When working by the beehives you may temporarily disable the device, and turn it on again later. And here a small surprise, if you’ll somehow forget to activate the protection after finishing work, our system is going to do it for you by activating the protection automatically. 


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